Time Tyer

Have you ever noticed that time and space are the same thing? When you are enjoying a long walk, the distance flies by. If you’re trudging through the pouring rain and just want to get home to that leftover pizza you’ve classed as the highlight of a very dull day, metres grow into miles.

It’s the same with time; everyone knows that time flies when you’re having fun. Everyone knows that it drags in the mud like a broken tail when you’re miserable. It’s an accepted part of life, yet most people treat time as if it’s just a ruler marking the seconds, hours, days and years. Time is not objective – that’s what makes doing the thing that I do so hard.

Time is a fabric, like any other. It can be torn, worn thin or punctured.

I’m a Time Tyer. You aren’t meant to know about me, but I never really play by the rules. I was born in 1860, or thereabouts. I am the Time Tyer, undoing your wrongs, helping you with every hour you need rewinding – every moment you regret, every word you wish you could take back. Tying up time is exactly what it sounds like; tedious and occasionally dangerous. If I nip or tuck too much, if I allow a cut to tear, the void gets in and starts swallowing time indiscriminately. Time is a fabric, like any other. It can be torn, worn thin or punctured; it’s a little like working with black holes, I’d imagine. Space doesn’t exist in the way you might think it does, it’s just a reflection of time; not an entity in itself. Technically, black holes are where a tear causes time to unravel so that it begins to affect everything around it, to the point where even you would have trouble ignoring it. Normally, a tear erases a few hundred people from ever having existed, springs a few more in their place and occasionally wipes out chunks of landscape from the picture. Black holes are just bigger and further away.

Can I interest you in a bit of unstitching? Maybe I can change the timing that caused your cat to get hit by a car, hmm? Or tear that nasty little man out of existence for you? No? Well if you’re sure… If you change your mind, here’s my card. Chances are you’ll catch me sometime; I’m always around.


Author: Sukie Baker

Artwork: Care