Blind Date – 2Weeks2Make It Competition

A romantic blind date is an outdated idea, but through the arts, it could create the most intimate and memorable experience for artists.

2Weeks2Make It, a competition in its 7th year running, has been offering this unique experience to musicians and filmmakers. Participants are paired up at random to produce a music video in two weeks. In an environment where no one knows who they will be partnered with, musicians and filmmakers will be able to build new connections with fellow artists.

It is an exciting opportunity for musicians as the competition accepts a wide range of talent, including indie bands, singer-songwriters, harpsichordists, sousaphone players and even oboists. To express music in a different medium poses an immense challenge but offers an invaluable experience. For many of the local and independent musicians, this also presents their first opportunity to actively participate in the making of music videos.

Filmmakers will be faced with the task of making a music video in a mere two weeks, sometimes with rare instrumentalists. They will have to jump out of their comfort zone, building creative relationships with the musicians and sharing the creative role. Throughout the process these participants will teach and learn from one another and no doubt produce fascinating results.

The South Yorkshire Filmmaking Network will be providing professional assistance, from pre-production all the way to delivery. A Gala Competition Screening will subsequently take place, allowing participants to witness the innovative creations that will emerge from this hybrid artistic venture.

2Weeks2Make is currently accepting applications for their 2015 contest. Their bold encouragement of random interaction between artists promises to create unique music videos and Unknown Magazine looks forward to witnessing the results.

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