Radiooooo or the Musical Time Machine is the creation of a group of young French people. It is designed for all those who like music and wish to explore new musical horizons or simply rediscover. This fresh musical platform makes it possible for anyone to journey across the world through music. With the click of a button you can access a database of songs from all around the world and different time periods. is not only a radio; it is a musical revolution

From the 50s in Mongolia to the 80s in Pakistan or today in South Africa, there is something for everybody; for every taste and every mood. Have you ever wondered how Kazakhstanis music sounds? Now you can listen to it and find out. If you feel like listening to something closer to home, then this radio is also for you. Even 1920s Brazil is open to explore, simply click 1920s and Brazil on the map then drift with ease across cultures and back in time through music.


When this amazing concept came to our attention we decided to talk to one of the founders and directors, Karl Planck, about the project.

The interview was conducted in French and translated into English.

Q. How did you find the idea to create Radiooooo? Why did you do it? What were your motivations?

The idea came from the imagination of Benjamin Moreau. One day, while he was in a wonderful car from the 50s, he turned the radio on. The music was terrible; a kind of mainstream music which ruined the beauty of that nostalgic moment.

We did this project because we love music. We feel like there is less and less good music produced today. Thus, we felt like we should look for the treasures of the past/yesterday, and the beauties/creations of tomorrow.

Q. Where is this interest for the past coming from? Some nostalgia?

I have always listened to music of other eras. It probably comes from my parents. In my opinion, I find that some music of the past are way more powerful than some of the ones that are produced today, which I find tasteless and repetitive.

Q. How did you find all these music?

Years of research… A lot of things are available today through the internet. Sometimes we also encode vinyls to recover music that cannot be found anywhere else.

Q. Is it hard to find music from some countries or some specific time periods?

Of course! Recording devices weren’t as accessible as today in the 1910s. Yet, I found recordings made by English anthropologists with the first recording devices during an expedition in Caucasia in 1907.

Furthermore, our website is completely subjective (people from around the world contribute whatever music they think is “good”) so we do not find “good music” in every country.

Q. How did you fund this project? Do you make money out it? If yes, how?

We raised enough funds to launch the first version of the website at the beginning of June last year. After that, the accumulation of a big database will generate money. Nonetheless, our website will stay entirely free.

Q. Are you intending on doing other things around the radio? You are currently doing some parties (translated from: soirées) at Le Perchoir in Paris, but do you intend on playing in other clubs, or doing other kinds of events?

I have a lot of things to do for now. There is, but I am also the artistic director of Le Perchoir in Paris. With the summer coming, a lot of things will be going on the roof top.

Q. Do you have plans abroad? Are you intending on spreading the project or creating events in other countries?

Of course ! At the end of May we kick-started our launching tour. is an international project. We are intending on doing shows and parties in many countries. We started in Dakar last week, and then we will do an event per month until December (Moscow, Los Angeles, Mexico, Istanbul, New-York and Tokyo).

Q. How do you see this project evolving? As we say for all new projects: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to believe that it will work. For now, we have around 300,000 users without having a communication plan. This is promising for a start, let’s hope it will continue. As of myself, in ten years from now I see myself playing chests with a good glass of wine in my hand, on a flowered roman terrace (with this kind of music).

Let’s hope if that comes true in 10 years time, Karl will still be bringing us wonderful platforms to experience music in an even better way, most probably.