York’s Little Festival of Live Music Returns!

York’s Little Festival of Live Music is running this year from 18th-26th September and showcases an exciting line-up of both established and upcoming performers. The festival is being held in the Music Marquee on Parliament Street from 5-9pm with free admission. This festival is a great platform for growing artists and supports York’s ever-eclectic music scene!

Whilst showcasing a range of talented musicians the festival is also raising money for York Mind, a charity providing mental health services around York.

The acts involved represent many different genres of music and showcase the various styles available to see in York, bringing the different musical communities together for a good cause and inviting new people to experience new music. From Folk to Punk, Pop-Opera to Country and many more, the festival is hosting an impressive range of acts. A number of acoustic sessions will be held over the week too.

The festival is growing with more artists incorporated every year. This brings more people to York to experience the music, helping acts gain experience and build fan bases. Ellen Cole, the organiser of the festival, says: “We are thrilled and delighted with the sheer amount of musicians which have applied for this year’s festival. When the festival was originally set up we only had 22 musicians and bands apply and are now receiving just under 400 applications.”

Welcoming back some old favourites and embracing acts new this year, you can look forward to seeing Barcode Zebra, King Courgette, Sam Griffiths, According to Eve, Dan Webster, Sarah Dean, classical four hand piano-players Vesper Walk, Leather’o and Zak Ford. Also appearing are Ellie Holmes, Lion Papers, Rachel Croft, David Ward Maclean, Bull, Alice Ostapjuk, Pelico, To The Blue, Flora Greysteel, Analog Bombs, Indigo Bones, Kymberley Kennedy, The Bronze, Lost Trends, Laura Kindelan, The Rusty Pegs, Boss Caine and the Surf Sluts.

Support the charity, encourage the talent and embrace the growth of York’s musical community by visiting this exciting festival this week! Unknown is proud to support the talent involved and we are excited to see more skilled artists becoming acknowledged in York.

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) 'Violin and Grapes,' 1912. Original medium: oil on canvas
Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) ‘Violin and Grapes,’ 1912. Original medium: oil on canvas