TakeOver Festival Is Heating Up York in the Chilly Autumn

The end of October welcomes the arrival of the TakeOver Festival, presented to you by York Theatre Royal.

       Flying in the face of sceptics who didn’t believe TakeOver would be possible during the closure of York Theatre Royal, this eight-day event will be taking place across the National Railway Museum, bringing a dynamic new aspect to the shows performed and unearthing new areas of the city’s history. Many of the performances are short, intimate and immersive productions, taking place in different train carriages, which offer some interesting and entertaining write-ups. The annual festival is run entirely by 12-26 year olds so not only do the week’s events showcase the talent and innovation of the York cultural scene, but also the strength and creativity of the city’s young community. Some notable productions, including A Journey With Maude, a time-travelling adventure inspired by the 70’s cult classic Harold and Maude, will take place within the beautiful Tri-Composite Carriage. There will also be some dark and intimate recreations of stories from Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens, brought to you by Hookhitch Theatre.

       Running since 2009, the TakeOver festival really puts York on the map and, in arguably its most challenging year, persists in bringing fantastic theatre and cultural education to its audiences. So be sure to support the hard work of these bright young minds and check out their brochure here.