An Evening of Scandal, Sex and Murder: Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini at York City Screen

An Evening of Scandal, Sex and Murder: Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini at York City Screen

Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini is set to be an interesting event at York’s City Screen next week. An ambitious biography of the notorious, controversial Italian director, Ferrara’s work challenges to reverse the gospel of the lens and make the filmmaker become the film.

In close-up, it seems Pasolini’s life is remarkably fitting as a subject of sensational cinema; it is a world brimming with sex, politics and murder, rivalling that of an Ian Fleming novel. Yet, despite this famous infamy, although inciting intense opinion he remains a figure elusively beyond our cultural understanding.  A victim of remarkable condemnation among his contemporaries for such films as Sàlo: 120 Days of Sodom, the reverberations of the controversy that radiates from his work continue to shock today. In this regard, Ferrara’s attempt to gain insight to Pasolini the man, is a curious prospect. It seems Pasolini may continue to be the benefactor of his own well-known maxim: ‘To scandalise is a right, to be scandalised is a pleasure,’ with this cinematic tribute set to stoke the remaining ashes of his notoriety.

With the help of an exciting cast that includes William Dafoe, it seems Ferrara is determined to lead the viewer beyond the fog of scandal and controversy that shrouds Pasolini and deliver a true insight into the artist himself. Yet, although an admirable challenge for a well-established director, has he finally set an impossible task for himself in trying to understand the man behind the camera?

Screening: Tuesday, 17th November, 18:30. Purchase your tickets here.