Preview: Odd Horizon Presents…

By Lucy Harte

Odd Horizon is a new music promotion venture returning to Dusk on 26th February. It is fronted by York alumnus, Daniel Johnson, whose experiences as a musician inspired him to create a more ethical way of offering new and lesser-known independent artists an opportunity for a “proper” gig with fair pay. Johnson currently has an agreement with Dusk, an unlikely yet surprisingly successful music venue, and plans to put on events on a monthly basis. This month’s show is Odd Horizon’s second, following a gig in January which featured shoegaze and indie rock bands.

February’s lineup promises to deliver “a night of atmospheric noise, trap and alt pop,” showcasing three up-and-coming bands of a variety of genres.

a night of atmospheric noise, trap and alt pop

First on is York-based Antiphonal. Releasing an impressive eleven EP’s in 2015, there seems to be no sign of slowing down for the artist, whose track Stay has featured on BBC Radio York. 10:2, his latest release, features a more ambient sound reminiscent of earlier Sigur Rós and other post-rock staples. Its predecessors all vary considerably in style and tone, from the experimental synth-dominated 9:3 to the soothing, almost haunting vocals of 1:11.

Up next are Lab Partners, a producer-vocalist trap hop duo who met at the University of York. Their new single Intoxicated, released earlier this month, incorporates a hazy backing track with powerful lyrics that the two claim are “based on real life events”. The pair have previously featured at club-based events in York, such as TRP$ZN at Mansion. It will be interesting to see how the duo utilise the intimacy of a small venue like Dusk, a contrast in atmosphere to their previous performances.

The headline act of the night are Exit Earth, a four-piece band hailing from Leeds. Inspired by anime opening songs, the dreamy melodies associated with the animation genre are combined with the aggression of alternative rock to create a sound that’s undoubtedly lively, but strays towards melancholic at times. Their debut album Calm Waters, released in September last year, features tracks that encapsulate both the band’s upbeat sound yet also its gloomier, darker side. Go On!! 痛恨, for example, utilises energetic Japanese lyrics and catchy riffs, contrasting with songs like Last Out and Ten Cups where the vocals are more subdued and sorrowful.

Odd Horizon returns to Dusk on 26th February
Tickets cost £3.50 or £2.50 on the door with an Odd Horizon card
Doors open at 7.30pm with the first act beginning at 8pm

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