Preview: 9 Million and Counting

Since March 2011, the world has witnessed the exodus of Syrians fleeing from civil war in their homeland. To date, there are an estimated 9 Million and Counting seeking refuge: not only a startling statistic, but the grabbing title of three new documentary plays inspired by the crisis appearing in York this May.

Created by second year theatre students of the University of York, the short plays are based entirely on interviews conducted with members of the public, parliament, the media and refugees.

Each half-hour promises to bring a new angle to the migration crisis: from the promise of home and childhood, to the complexities of the media’s portrayal and, finally, the ethical dilemma the world at large faces in light of the moral questions at hand. Though each tackling separate aspects, together, Where The Heart Is, The Swarm and You Were Saying? look to unify to present the ‘facts’ of the refugee crisis as a whole.

The exploration of such a contentious contemporary issue in this documentary theatre format inevitably guarantees an evening that will not only probe the wider political scene, but also engage with the audience on a more personal, individually questioning level. The unique script writing and interrogative performances promise a night politically charged; one can only wait to see what spark it will set.

9 Million and Counting is showing 5th, 6th and 7th May at 7.30pm at the Black Box Studio, University of York.

Tickets are £5 each and can be purchased online here.

50% of each ticket will be donated to Refugee Action York.