Review: Flesh

York Art Gallery’s Flesh exhibition has a point to make, but one which is not unlocked to its fullest potential… The monstrosity looms from the back wall, catching your eye as soon as you enter. If self-recognition can be said to underlie any exploration of flesh, then Adriana Varejao’s cavernous Green Tilework in Live Flesh (pictured below) gives us as gruesome a reminder as any of what is an inherent part of ourselves, but we may wish to hide. Flesh is most successful when it forces us to consider what we conceal, and what art can conceal: namely, in the words … Continue reading Review: Flesh

Illuminating York 2016

An event to truly brighten up dark winter streets, Illuminating York was an impressive display of innovative installations lit up throughout the city centre. With over 50,000 visitors the event gained masses of public interest that allowed a new kind of visual experience within York’s historic grounds. The artworks created a new view of hidden gems and well known heritage sites, with eight different artists, designers and makers contributing to the festival. The first installation I came across was simple, but revealed a new experience of the iconic streets of Shambles; Orbit by Studio PSK acted as an expanded light trail … Continue reading Illuminating York 2016